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Be Still and Breathe

"Be Still...

And Know."

It's so easy these days to get lost in a sea of distraction, as everything appears to be speeding up and vying for our constant attention. We can find ourselves swimming in a sea of iPhone trivia, concerned about drama's that have nothing to do with us, or addicted to the buzz of social media and the endless, useless information that it generates. With everything that is swirling around us, it is easy to forget that nothing 'out there' matters all that much. The world we see is the world of constant change, where nothing remains the same for very long. Have you noticed?

Luckily, the antidote for all of this confusion and madness lies in the ancient (new) practice of meditation, where we turn our focus from 'out there' to 'in here' and simply rest in the ease of the present moment, however it may is showing up. One of my favorite descriptions for meditation comes from the bible, where we find the directive, "Be Still and know That, I am" In these seven little words, we find the prescription for all of the anxiety and worry that plagues our minds, and the key to regaining our sanity in a world gone mad.

The thing is; are you already to Be Still? Are you willing to come home (right now!) to THIS moment, relax and let go of the addiction to distraction that fills your mind? One thing is for sure; until we are, we will continue to experience unease and unhappiness as the norm, and continue to overlook the brilliance and beauty that is available in the Stillness of the Here and Now. If you doubt this, then take a brief moment right Now, close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing. Relax into the space right between your ears and lift your interior gaze up, as if looking out through your forehead into a big, open sky. This practice alone will be all the proof you need that the joy and peace your looking for is already at hand, on THIS breath, in THIS moment. Be Still for just a second, and know the YOU beyond your thoughts, desires, dreams and confusion.

To maintain this depth, simply Be Still for 10 minutes everyday (or more if you wish). Also, remember to take a few mindful breaths every hour (or more often if you wish) throughout the day, and before long, you'll be filled with so much joy and bliss you won't know what to do with it all, and all of those distractions that the mind is so attracted too, will float by like clouds in a boundless sky.

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