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In Harmony With The Way Things Are

"Reality is always true to itself.

When you're in harmony with it, you experience bliss.

As soon as you are not in harmony with it, you experience pain.

This is the law of the Universe; it is the way things are."


As we traverse the winding road of Life, there comes a time when we see (or don't), that there are really only two choices we will ever make at any given moment of our lives. The first is the choice that most people make; to resist, struggle and oppose whatever is happening in the present moment, and thus create suffering and pain for themselves and others. The second, and way more powerful choice, is to live in harmony with the way things are, and move in the direction life is flowing. This choice leads to causeless joy, unending happiness and radiant bliss.

The mind (the voice in our head), will insist that there are many other choices we have to make each day, and that life cannot be so easily defined. Yet, if you look at any situation that seems to be causing you some form of distress or unease in your life, it's probably not because of what's actually happening; it's because of what you think about what's happening. It's the story (thoughts) in your head that create the stress and uncomfortable feelings you experience as part of your moment to moment existence. Of course, when we have had enough of this suffering, we begin to see that it is only in letting go of this resistance and the attempts to control Life, that we can actually taste the freedom and joy we long for.

When we choose to live in harmony with the way things are, we open to the truth that everything is exactly the way it's suppose to be right now. In fact, it cannot be otherwise. No matter how much we resist this truth, it will not change the simple fact that, things are the way they are and are not the way they are not. In this realization we give ourselves the opportunity to flow with life, just as it is, and thus free ourselves from our self-imposed prison of suffering and unhappiness. In moving with the direction life is moving us, we come into alignment with the great power and intelligence of the Universe (the Tao), and thus access all of it's gifts right where we are. We also give ourselves the opportunity to choose only what brings with us joy in life, as we move in harmony with the way things are.

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