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Doing the Best We Can

What if you knew that, everyone you meet is doing the best they can? How would that change your perspective and interactions with the people in your life? Usually, we feel just the opposite. We often judge and criticize others for not being who we think they should be, as if we have some kind of golden insight into how they should behave, and how they should live their lives. You may have noticed that, people (perhaps even you?), seem to know perfectly well how others should live their lives, but don't have a clue when it comes to their own. In these judgements, we often push away the very people we say we love, and alienate them at times when they may need us the most.

The truth in each moment, despite what the mind (the voice in our head) tells us, is everyone (including us), is doing the best they can with what they've been given. In the acceptance of this one truth, we find the key to compassion for ourselves and others, and also the way to make all of our relationships harmonious and flowering. In this truth we see clearly that the greatest catalyst for change in a relationship is to simply know that others are doing the best that they can, and to let them be as they are. The simple recognition that everyone we meet is exactly where they need to be, and doing exactly what they're suppose to be doing, relieves us of the burden of our own judgments about others, and allows us to relax with them just as they are.

In this allowing others to be, we find the secret ingredient that immediately transforms every relationship into a loving and joyful experience. When others feel that they can be who they are when they are around us, without having to worry about hearing our cherished opinions and judgments about how they should be, they relax and open up to us in ways we cannot imagine. In this allowing others to be as they are, we open a door for a new kind of relationship; one that is based on unconditional love and friendship.

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