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The Gift of the Christmas Light

"All that is required to know who you are is to Be Still.

What could be easier than that?"

Ramana Maharshi

As we approach the Winter Solstice next week, and Christmas just a few days after; we are being presented with a powerful opportunity to turn within and let go of the challenges that we have faced this past year, and rediscover the joy and Love that lies at the heart of who, and what we are. Though we may be filled with feelings of fear and separation from each other, there is a Divine Light pouring into the world during this Sacred time that is there to heal and comfort our Spirits, and guide us into the higher Love within our hearts. If we are willing to just 'Be Still', breathe and surrender our lives to the unfolding of this powerful Light, we can find our way through the turmoil and fear in our minds, and embrace the guidance and grace that is flowing to all of those willing to 'have eyes to see and ears to hear'.

In the promise of both the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year), and the blessings of Christmas, we are given the opportunity to align ourselves with the Light pouring into the world, refresh our Spirits in the peace of the Tao's Flow, and rest in the knowing that all is well and unfolding as it should. On the Solstice - the longest night of the year - Mother Earth enters the long winter, where she can rest and regenerate, knowing that in the Spring there will be new growth, abundance and opportunity. We can all learn from this example that, by aligning ourselves with the energy of Winter; and it's invitation to rest, be still, and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and spirits; everything will be made anew in the warmth of the Spring.

In Christmas, we are given the gift of Christ-Consciousness, which directs us into the spaciousness of our own heart, where we can feel the Love and joy that cannot be found in the outer-world. As Jesus told us, and which many of us are learning very powerfully right now; you simply cannot find peace, contentment or true happiness in this world of constant change. The true treasures of tranquility, Love and inner-freedom can ONLY be found within you. What a wonderful time it is to actually open to the truth of these words; to turn within, and rest in the inner-sanctuary of the Tao's grace and power, where the Stillness and Silence of our own Being await us as surely as our next breath.

One thing is for sure; for those who continue to wait for things to go back to 'normal'; who continue to believe that the world will 'magically' deliver something that will fulfill them - there will be increasing fear, anxiety and suffering. For those who are willing to turn within, to 'Be Still' everyday in meditation and to trust implicitly in the Divine Intelligence that is governing our lives; there will be surety, guidance, power, grace and the courage to make it through the long dark winter ahead, knowing that the Light we long for is already who, and what we are - within us, as us, as everyone and everything.

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