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 I am very happy to announce that my latest book, Living in the Flow: Reminders for a Supremely Happy Life is now available through Amazon on the Kindle format. It is also still available in the paperback version.


The 18 chapters, practices and quotes in this latest book are designed as reminders that will allow you to let go of the constant struggle with life, while bringing you back into balance and harmony with the flow of the present moment (the Tao), where true happiness and joy can be found.

Here is the text from the back cover:

"What would it be like to let go of the fear and anxiety that are so pervasive in today's world, and re-discover the peace and happiness that we know is possible? What can you do to return to the joy and freedom that your heart longs for?

Drawing on the timeless wisdom of Taoist and Buddhist teachings, Living in the Flow: Reminders for a Supremely Happy Life offers a simple yet powerful answer to these questions, while gently guiding the reader back home to the present moment, where everything unfolds with effortless ease."

To order either the Kindle or paperback version, simply follow the links below, and please leave a short review if you can, as this will give the book a chance to be discovered by new readers. It would be greatly appreciated!



You can still order a copy of my first book, The Buddha's Dog in paperback or on Kindle. Both versions have been updated and now have a new cover.

Here's a little something from the back cover:


The Buddha had a dog, you ask?

Discovered on an ancient scroll in Tibet, The Buddha's Dog tells the heartwarming story of Nandhi, a mischievous and troublemaking English bulldog, who is befriended by the Buddha. Through a series of adventures, the canine learns the path of loving-kindness toward all creatures and becomes one of the greatest teachers to ever walk the earth.

This humorous and whimsical fable will appeal, not only to Buddhists' and dog lovers, but to anyone who has ever known the unconditional love of a cherished animal."

Go here to order the new edition:

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