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Allow or Resist?

Sometimes things happen in life that we don't want to happen; we lose our job, our partner decides that they no longer wish to be with us, a sudden gust of wind comes upon you while flying a kite and lifts you high up into the sky without a parachute (you get the idea). Life is just plain unpredictable and it's way more likely that things will go the way they need to go rather than going the way we want them too. Often, our reaction to out-of-control events is to immediately resist what is happening, tighten up with fear and create anxiety for ourselves. The mind (the voice in our head) loves to cook up one story after another about how everything should be, rather than flowing with the way things are. In this resistance to what is, we create worry in ourselves, and block any creative resonse to what faces us. In this attempt to push away what we don't want, we actually strengthen it's power over us and keep it stuck in place.

There is another, more sane and peaceful action that we can take when confronted with difficult circumstances however, and that is to simply ALLOW everything to be as it is. After all, whatever is happening is happening, so what could be more insane than to oppose what is appearing in our lives right now? In this allowing, we breathe open completely to what is, accept it, and then open ourselves to whatever action we need to take, which could be to do nothing at all for the time being. In this acceptance and allowing, we relax and calm down long enough to see the path that we need to take.

When we really look clearly, in every moment we are either allowing everything to be as it is, which means we are at ease, or we are at some level of resistance, which means we are experiencing some form of suffering. Notice that this is true, and let your resistance bring you back to a state of allowing and flowing with what is, and you will soon find everything working out for your highest good, in the easiest way possible. You will also find that your life becomes much more fun in the process, even when you find yourself whisked away by a sudden wind that lifts you high into the clouds.

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