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The Simplicity of Now

Have you ever noticed just how simple everything is right Now? Chances are that; as you read this you're sitting in a chair, you're breathing, sounds are arising around you and your relaxed (or not). Perhaps you are enjoying your favorite beverage or have music or the T.V. on in the background. You are probably not facing any immediate danger right now, and everything is at ease in your surroundings. Pretty simple, isn't it? Everything is arising spontaneously and effortlessly, without you having to do anything to make it happen. And if we are honest, 99% of our life has unfolded with this kind of ease and simplicity.

The mind (the voice in your head) however, is rarely at ease in the simplicity of the present moment, and is almost always thinking and projecting a future that is uncertain and fearful. The mind constantly worries about what might happen, and is filled with anxiety about what we might lose in the process. It wanders in a state of constant agitation; comparing this moment with other moments, and almost always finding this moment lacking in some way. In this perpetual state of unease, we find ourselves unable to relax and appreciate the simplicity and blessings of the actual present moment, as it is.

Have a look at the reality of where you are right now. Chances are it is pretty simple and easy, yet, you might not be appreciating this because you are lost in worries and fears about what might happen tomorrow or next week. The whole point of so-called spiritual practice is to train ourselves to Be Here Now in this unfolding simplicity, and to actually notice just how easy everything is right where we are.

The practice of meditation gently leads us out of the fantasies and chaos of the mind - back to what is happening right in front of us. Since our whole life will unfold in the space called the Now, why not come home to what is happening right Here, and enjoy what is unfolding right Now? Why not come home to your actual Life?

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