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Happy New You 2020

As we pass through the doorway of 2019, and into the space of a New Year and new decade, I wanted to share again, the poem that I shared last year at this time. The power and profundity of these words rocked me to my soul the first time I read them, and that feeling has only increased with each subsequent reading. I now offer them to you, and suggest meditating upon them as you begin a new cycle of 365 days on this earth, and another trip around the sun. Refer back to them on a regular basis throughout 2020, whenever you need a reminder as to what 'New Years' is all about, and ask yourself what it is that you really want in your life right now. After all, if you don't know what you want, you're likely to get anything, and always remember; health, joy and a life lived in the effortless Flow of the Tao, is always only one mindful breath away.

I Cannot Wish You...

I cannot wish you good fortune

knowing that good fortune is what you are,

while bad fortune is just a case of mistaken identity.

I cannot wish you all the things of the earth

since earth itself is what you are and that is sufficient,

while all the rest will never be enough.

I cannot wish you the things you want to see

when much unseen is waiting for your denial of mind

that refuses to see.

I cannot wish you strength or courage to conquer

the trials and tribulations of life

because YOU alone are the master of limits and imaginary lines.

I cannot wish you an easy and safe path in all your ventures.

Safe and easy paths are worthy of the unworthy.

I cannot wish you the kind of freedom you may seek.

Life is the proof of freedom; seeking is your prison;

expectations are your guards.

I cannot wish you good health.

The voice within asking ever more provoking questions is your

health: fear that silences you is your illness.

I cannot wish you anything

as long as your life is about having instead of Being.

Maybe New Year's is not about wishes and celebrations at all.

Maybe, just maybe, it is just a reminder about the power

of your state of mind.

What else than your state of mind can make things look

beautiful when, in fact, they are ugly?

What else but your state of mind can make things look ugly

when, in fact, they are beautiful?

Let this New Year's be the New Year in which you choose to be

the Master of your mind and not it's slave.

Isa Morgul

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