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Enjoy the Ordinary Moments

" What exactly are you waiting for?

Will a train come from heaven bringing you goodies?

Nothing that could ever happen could be as good,

as precious as who you are right Now."

A. H. Alamas

Often we can find ourselves waiting for something extraordinary to happen in our lives. Often, we are not sure exactly what that might be; but we know that we will know it when it happens! Or perhaps we dream of doing big things; writing a bestselling novel, climbing Mt. Everest, or perhaps creating something that changes the course of human history. We tell ourselves that we can't possibly be happy or satisfied till we are recognized the world over for our uniques talents, or at least until we have a million hits on Youtube. Few of us however, have the destiny to be the next Steve Jobs, let alone Mother Theresa or Dalai Lama.

In our waiting for those moments that we think will make our lives meaningful, we often miss out on the seemingly ordinary moments that make up the majority of our lives; walking through a garden, listening to our favorite song, relaxing with our favorite beverage or just enjoying the breath we are taking right now. In our endless quest to be something more than we already are, we miss out on the brilliance of Life's rich pageant, in all it's crazy glory. If we are willing to open our eyes to what is actually happening right in front of us however, we can begin to see every moment as a gift, and an opportunity to be fully alive.

The truth is; the moments we tend to think of as extraordinary - the wedding, graduating from school, landing the dream job or taking a trip around the world - make up a very small portion of our time on earth. It is the ordinary, mundane events that will make up the vast majority of what we do while we are here. The question is always; are we actually present right Now to enjoy these 'ordinary' moments as they occur or are we 'waiting' for something better to show up before we allow ourselves to be happy? In this continual state of 'waiting' for a more fulfilling life in the future, we may one day discover, when its far too late, that we haven't ever really lived at all.


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