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The Illusion of Control

"Trying to control the future

is like trying to take the Master Carpenters place.

When you handle the Master Carpenters tools

chances are that you'll cut your hand."

Tao Te Ching

Have you ever noticed that life never really works out the way we think it should? That no matter how hard you may try, everything has a way of following it's own course, and ending up in a place you never dreamed it would? That no matter how much you may work and struggle to get everything in your life to line up the way you want it; something inevitably happen's that is beyond your control? For instance, one moment your sailing along without a care, and in the next you unexpectedly lose your job, your partner leaves you, or your plumbling breaks and floods your house.

In these moments we are shown, sometimes dramatically, that we simply do not have the control we believe we have. We are led, again and again, into situations that end up going in direction's that we never anticipated, and the only recourse we have is to either surrender our illusion of control and move with the direction life is moving, or continue to fight and resist while slipping into a deeper and deeper state of anxiety and fear over what may or may not happen. It's like a person who is thrown into the water and doesn't know how to swim - the more they struggle, the faster they sink to the bottom. However, whenever we relax and stop fighting, the water will effortlessly lift us to the surface, where we can float on our backs.

The good news is that, when we drop our resistance to what is unfolding, and actually begin to cooperate and move with it, we usually find that whatever happen's ends up working out wonderfully well for us in the end. When we learn to surrender to the flow of Life, and to trust the direction it is taking us, we tap into the Creative Intelligence that knows exactly what we need, at the time that we need it.

In the surrendered state, we trust that what is happening, is happening FOR us, and not AGAINST us, and life becomes much more enjoyable and effortless. We also see that everything has a way of turning out wonderfully well, without our having to do, or control, anything to make it happen.

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