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What Do You Care About?

"The Master cares about nothing but the Tao."

Lao Tzu

Spiritual teacher and author David R. Hawkins was once asked why humanity suffers so much, and his response sums up succinctly the very predicament that humanity now finds itself in. He said that, if you were to go into any major city on the face of the earth and spend the whole day asking random strangers what their primary focus or concern was, you would likely get an array of answers - from relationships, to money, to how best to get in shape. "You would go the whole day," David said, "and you would be lucky to find one person who would tell you that their primary focus is God (or Tao, or whatever name you give the Intelligence that is the Source of your Life). And therein lies the root of human suffering."

These words resonate with the power of truth, and if you doubt them, ask yourself what the primary focus of your life is right now, and are you truly happy? If we are honest, we seem to have all the time in the world to worry about every little thing that befalls us, and very little time to remember and give our attention to the very Source that makes Life possible in the first place. We fret over what will happen tomorrow, and what unfolded yesterday - about our jobs, our partners, our incomes and the next juicy bit of gossip. Yet, when it comes to giving even a little bit of energy to the Divine Source that makes our Lives happen, we seem to have better things to do. When it comes to sitting Still in meditation and communing with the Divine Flow, we would rather spend an hour searching the internet looking for the next bit of trivial information that will be forgotten by the end of the day.

The point is this; as every great sage has told us, until we keep the Tao (or God) as the focus of our lives, we will continue to get lost in the dreams and illusions of life, and thus feel unhappiness and anxiety as a result. At any moment, however, we can realize the profundity and power of the words of Jesus, who said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will be added to you." Of course, Jesus also told us that this 'Kingdom' was not to be found in the future or the past, but is found within us, Here and Now. If we are honest, even those of us who admire and love the teachings of Jesus, have a very hard time trusting his words and living by them.

In this world of constant change, why not put your attention on that which never changes - on the ocean of God's Peace and Stillness within - and see for yourself what happens. Give a little time each day to meditate, to care about 'nothing but the Tao' as Lao Tzu advised, and come home to the sanctuary of Divine Presence within. What have you got to lose, except perhaps, your fear and suffering in a world gone mad?

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