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No Destination

Every once in awhile, you come across a teaching that simply blows your mind. A teaching that seems to sum everything you've ever learned, up into one single point of Light. For me, it happens when I least expect it, and usually from a source that I would never have guessed would hold a key that brings me to a deeper space of understanding of myself, and the true nature of things. So it was this past week as I opened up an email from Pinterest with some suggestions for 'pins' that they felt I might enjoy.

As I looked over the email, there it was; shining right in front of me - a two line poem with a total of seven words. The profundity and simplicity of these words was like a lightening bolt through my mind, silencing the thoughts there, and bringing in it's wake, a cascade of laughter. This poem was written by a Japanese Zen Master from the 14th century named Ikkyu, and like all great Zen poetry, its seven words contained more wisdom, enlightenment and humor than a thousand volumes could ever hold. These words point eloquently to the underlying Truth at the heart of all true teachings.

Without any further explanation, I now share this poem with you, with the wish that it sink deeply into your Awareness; like a pebble gently hitting the top of your head, carrying the ripples of it's illuminated Light and Freedom into every cell of your being...

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