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Love or Fear?

"Love in your mind produces Love in your life.

This is the meaning of Heaven.

Fear in your mind produces fear in your life.

This is hell.

A miracle is a shift from fear to Love."

Marianne Williamson

As I write this, the 2020 election is hours away, and there is a palpable sense of worry, fear and anxiety about what the outcome will be. The truth is however, that no matter how it all turns out, the only clear choice we have is to move through whatever unfolds with either fear or Love. Though it may seem easier to be loving when things go our way, the truth is it can also be a great source of spiritual growth to bring Love to those events that we don't like, and to the people with whom we may disagree (politically or otherwise). The alternative is to react out of fear, and in the process, end up creating even more hostility and separation between ourselves and others. It is this sense of separation that can quickly give rise to feelings of judgment, anger and hatred, which may feel good in the short term, but which only end up poisoning us with their heaviness and negativity in the long run.

The choice we have in every moment is to either pollute our hearts and minds (not to mention the sacred space around us), with fearing anger, thereby literally creating a living hell in our minds, or breathe open to the greater Divine Love that we are, and radiate that to whomever, and whatever may unfold in the coming weeks and months. When we do this; we heal not only ourselves, but those with whom we come into contact who may also be feeling fear and hostility. Even greater than this, we also help to heal the collective fear that so many are feeling, thereby creating Heaven in our own mind, and on Earth. Every time that we shift from our fear to Unconditional Love, we create a miracle that is more powerful than any force in this world.

Though it may feel difficult to do in the coming days, remember that, the Tao doesn't make mistakes and there are no accidents. You may not like what unfolds, yet that doesn't mean that it's not exactly what needs to be happening right now. We can know it's what needs to be happening because it's happening! The question is; what will you do with what unfolds? Will you use it to bring more Love and Harmony to yourself, others and the world? Or will you let it use you by stirring up greater feelings of hostility and anger in your mind? When we drop our fear and resistance to whatever unfolds, we allow ourselves to move into harmony with the flow of Divine Intelligence that is unfolding everything for our highest good (whether we 'like' it or not). In this complete surrender too 'what is', we open the door for fear to dissolve and the miracle of Love to occur.


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