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The Greatest Secret

Meditation is everywhere these days, it seems. Everyone from your next door neighbor to the news anchor on television is singing the praises of this ancient practice of settling down into the present moment and allowing everything to be as it is. But very often, meditation is presented as a way of DOING something, so that we can GET to a state of consciousness which will be much better and more peaceful than the one we are currently experiencing. This mis-direction only leads to much frustration and stress among many who 'try' to meditate and, after a few 'trys' they usually give up in disgust, feeling that they have somehow failed in their attempt to reach some exalted state within.

So what if we just dropped the word 'meditation', and all of the baggage that goes with that word, and just allowed ourselves to RELAX for a few moments - allowing EVERYTHING to be exactly as it is? Imagine just sitting still and actually letting go of trying to get anywhere other than where you are right now. Imagine opening yourself to the deep relaxation of dropping your habitual struggle with life - of trying to fix or change yourself through some mystical, magical experience called 'meditation'. What might you find?

Try it now.

Close your eyes right where you are and take three relaxing breaths without the attempt to make anything 'special' happen. Feel the sensation of your breath completely, and allow yourself to be exactly as you are. Now, here's a little boost you can give those three breaths that will make you're relaxing even more enjoyable; repeat the sound of Ahhhh internally on your out-breath...

So, how did that feel?

Pretty good, right? Very relaxed, yes?

What we find through true meditation is that we simply relax with everything exactly as it is, without holding on or pushing anything away. We give ourselves permission to be as we are. Through this simple act of relaxing, we begin to see that meditation is not a 'doing' but a doorway into Being: Being where you are and exactly as you are, right now. After all, where else can you BE?

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