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Buddha Dance of Joy

After being on the path of awakening for awhile, we can go through a phase where we suddenly realize that the things that seemed so important at one time in our lives, just don't matter that much anymore. Our old infatuations, whether it's with people or the dramas that continually arise in our lives, begin to interest us less and less as we find ourselves simply wishing to rest in the ease of the present moment, where nothing is ever lacking. For instance we may find ourselves listening to a friend who is always complaining about something or someone, and we just don't care about what they are saying in the way we use too. Or we can find ourselves involved in a family drama, and instead of joining in with our opinion, we simply watch it unfold with the feeling that it really doesn't matter all that much.

During this transition period of our spiritual unfolding, we can start to feel very free from the usual challenges that go on around us or to the people we love, and we no longer wish to add to these dramas, knowing they will only zap our energy, and more importantly, they just don't matter in the grand scheme of things. After awhile, this phase will begin to expand into a more permanent state of inner-freedom, where the old patterns and stories that use to fill our minds, begin to dissolve into a more expanded way of being in the world, one in which joy and peace are always playing in our awareness.

In the end, this inner-freedom is about waking up to the truth that nothing 'out there' in the world matters all that much. It is all seen as a passing show, where things come and things go as they will, while we simply rest in the present moment, where everything is always happening exactly the way it's suppose too. In this freedom, we see clearly that, the enlightenment we seek is - first and foremost - a feeling of 'lightening up' about the things we think are so important. In this way of seeing, we come home to the freedom and joy that await us when we stop taking things so seriously. In fact, we may find ourselves celebrating all of life by doing a little 'budda dance' of joy, knowing that it is all unfolding perfectly and happening for our complete benefit...Cha-Cha-Cha!!

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