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Breath of the Tao

After seven and a half years, the Tao Tribe, which you are probably a part of given that you're reading this blog, is going through some needed changes. After reading countless books together, and practicing hours of meditation, the Tribe is, not only moving to a more intimate setting, but also embarking on a journey into the deeper ocean of Stillness. As we prepare to put away the books for awhile and open ourselves to this greater depth that can be discovered when we move beyond words, I dedicate this verse from the Hua Hu Ching to every single person who has joined us over the years; those that came for just one class, and those who ended up staying for 6 months, a year or are still enjoying the company they have found in our amazing community. In this simple, yet powerful verse, Lao Tzu sums it all up very simply and directly. Thank you to all of you for your friendship on this path for all of these years. I look forward to continuing into the deeper waters ahead; without a plan, without a destination....

With all of this talking, what has been said?

The subtle truth can be pointed at with words, but it

cannot be contained by them.

Take time to listen to what is said without words, to

obey the law too subtle to be written, to worship

the unnameable and to embrace the unformed.

Love you life.

Trust the Tao.

Make love with the invisible subtle origin of the

universe, and you will give yourself everything you


You won't need to hide away forever in spiritual


You can be a gentle, contemplative hermit right here

in the middle of everything, utterly unaffected,

throughly sustained and rewarded by your Tao


Encouraging others, giving freely to all, awakening

and purifying the world with each movement and

action, you'll ascend to the divine realm in broad


The BREATH of the Tao speaks, and those who are in

harmony with it hear quite clearly.

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