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Catching the Train Home

"If you don't realize where you come from,

you stumble in confusion and sorrow."

Lao Tzu

Coming into this world is like disembarking from a train and finding yourself at a station that you don't remember ever visiting before. The moment your feet touch the platform, the train leaves you behind and begins to circle around the track with the promise that it will pick you up again, though you have no idea when that will be. immediately you are told by other people on the platform (your parents, teachers, society), that the purpose of your time in this world is to find your way to some destination in the future, where you will find happiness, security and the reason why you came here in the first place. So off you go, with no road map to guide you, and you soon forget about the train that left you here, as you are immediately thrown into a world of uncertainty and fear.

Eventually, the memory of arriving at the station fades completely and you are left with an overwhelming sense of being lost; with no direction home, as you stumble in confusion and sorrow. Fortunately, there comes a day when you come across a spiritual teaching that reminds you to wake up and remember that the train that left you here many years ago will be returning one fine day (probably when you least expect it), and until then, the whole point of your time here is to remember that you belong to the Tao (the Infinite Intelligence that has created this whole play of the Universe).

Finally, in this remembering, you realize that the play of your life only has a finite amount of time, and what you choose to do with that time is completely up to you. Instead of 'waiting' for the end to arrive so you can go back home, you actually begin to enjoy where you are right Now, and relax into the present moment's flow and eternal grace. You know that, until the train that left you here comes to collect you again, you can simply let go and enjoy the play of your life as it unfolds, remembering that where you are is exactly where you are suppose to be.

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