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No Problem

"If you found yourself in paradise, it wouldn't be long before your mind would say "yes, but...."

Ultimately, this is not about solving your problems. It's about realizing that there are no problems.

Focus your attention on the Now and tell me what problem you have right now?"

Eckhart Tolle

"What problem do you have, right now?" Look around you and feel into his moment, as it is, and have a look for yourself. When you are fully present, what problem do you have? Is there anything lacking? If you go deeply enough into these questions, what you are left with is the simple fact that, here and now, there are no problems, and nothing is ever lacking. Ever.

As we look deeply, we see clearly that all of our supposed problems are nothing but stories in our mind about a past and future that have no reality Now, and never will. These thoughts, which appear as worry, fear and judgement about what is happening Now, obscure the perfection of what is always right in front of us; the open spaciousness of the present moment. All problems arise from wanting something, ANYTHING other than what is unfold right Now. The mind hypnotizes us into believing it's story that the future will be better than the present, and that all we have to do is struggle and strive to get 'there', yet we are never quite sure where 'there' is.

If you have lived long enough, you know that the dream of actually finding peace and happiness 'in the future' never comes, and the reason is simple; it's always Now, and the future we hope will give us some sense of security and happiness is an illusion. It is like a mirage in the distance that we can imagine, but never quite reach. The antidote to this madness is to wake up to where you are right Now, and realize that THIS is the only space you will ever inhabit in your life; the space of the present moment. Being here, you begin to see very clearly that there are no problems; only situations to be handled or to be accepted. In this realization we come home to the freedom that is always revealed when we ask ourselves the great question, "Here and now, what problem do I have?"

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