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The Essence of the Tao

"Acceptance is the essence of the Tao"

Lao Tzu

Speaking in the Hua Hu Ching

The Tao is the flow of the here and now, as it is. Everything that is appearing before us is doing so because of the Tao, and nothing can happen that isn't allowed by the Tao. Our thoughts, feelings, and the movement of our bodies, are all happening because of this great Universal Intelligence, which is manifesting as you, me, your cat, your mother-in-law, and the birds that sing outside your window in the morning. The truth is; you wouldn't even be able to understand what you are reading right now, if it weren't for the Tao; that's how important it is (though it cerainly doesn't think it's important). The Tao accepts and allows everything and everyone to be as they are; it wouldn't change a thing.

Unlike the Tao, we can spend our whole lives doing just the opposite; living in oppostion to what is happening, and trying in vain to resist where the flow is taking us (Here and Now). This struggle against the current of life leaves us exhausted and feeling cut-off from the very source of peace and happiness that we so desperately crave.

However, when we reach a point where we are ready to let go of this opposition to Life, and simply accept everything as it is (especially ourselves), we can suddenly find ourselves moving effortlessly with what is unfolding, and feel lighter and happier in the process. As we let go of the struggle to make things happen the way we think they should happen, we begin to experience the peace and freedom that we have always longed for.

If you doubt this, take a moment now; breathe open, allow yourself to relax out of the burden of your thinking, and feel into the space around you. Actually be there. Ask yourself, 'what problem do I have, right Now'? Not tomorrow, not next year, but right Now'?

Now smile, pour a cup of tea and carry on as you were.....

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