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Everything is a Blessing

Imagine that you woke up this morning, and instead of the usual worries, anxiety or plans that generally fill your mind, your first thought was, 'Everything is a Blessing.' How would this understanding direct and shape your day? The truth is that, everything IS a blessing, if we have the eyes to see it and are willing to let go of our habitual thoughts that everything is an overwhelming life or death struggle. What if we were to clearly see that nothing is as important, or serious, as the mind (the voice in your head) makes it out to be? One of my dear teachers used to say that, when we start taking everything very seriously, we have entered the realm of ego, which loves to make life into a big drama, in which we are the center of attention. In this seriousness, we lose our perspective, and the joy and value of whatever is happening right in the present moment. We also lose the ability to see that everything that unfolds is happening for our highest benefit, and is ultimately a blessing, no matter how challenging it may appear.

It's easy to see everything as a blessing when things are going our way; when we get what we want and life is flowing smoothly. Yet we all know that, eventually there will be challenges that arise; usually in the form of losing something, or someone that we are attached too, or living in the fear of not getting what we think we need to be happy. If we look back at these challenges we have gone through, we can clearly see that they ended up giving us a blessing (or three) of some kind, even if it is to show us what we need to change within ourselves to be more at peace or in alignment with the flow of the Tao. The problem is never in the outer circumstances of our life, but always in our inner-resistance, and our reaction to those changes.

Seeing that everything is a blessing opens us to a greater power and perspective that enables us to navigate all the conditions of life with joy and gratitude, knowing that it is all being orchestrated for our highest benefit by the the Tao. When our eyes see that every occurrence is a blessing, we open ourselves to that greater reality in which everything unfolds with effortless ease. Why not try it for at least a day (or if your really open to transformation; a week). Like a mantra in your mind, let your first thought in the morning be, 'Everything is a Blessing', and move through the day with this attitude as your guide, constantly reminding yourself that, whether you like what's happening or not, it has a blessing (or three) for you. Then watch how your life miraculously gives you even more blessings, and even more to be grateful for. All you need are the eyes to see.


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