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Often we can find ourselves waiting for the 'right' set of circumstances to start living. The mind insist's that happiness and peace can only be found when we do 'something' to make it happen. 'The next relationship, the new job, a different place to live will do the trick', the mind insists, yet if we are honest, it never does. Even our apparent spiritual 'seeking' can become a delaying tactic that keeps us looking for a future event that will bring us the peace and freedom that we so long for.

This way of looking also serves to prolong our sense of unhappiness and resistance to what is happening right now, and obscure the brilliant perfection of the present moment. We find ourselves caught in a purgatory of waiting for some elusive state of freedom and ease, and we wait, and we vain. The promised happiness that the mind tells us in the future never arrives, and we are left with a sense of fear that we may never actually start to live our lives at all. Yet, what if what we are looking for is right in front of our noses, in the immediacy of THIS moment, right now, as it is. What if we just dropped our tendency to want the illusion that the future holds out as real, and woke up to the reality that is happening right now?

The only way we will ever know is to let go of our dream of a life that will be better in the future, and wake up to what is available here and now. After all; the future is an illusion. We have never visited the future, nor will we ever do so. It is always now, and it is alway's exactly as it is suppose to be. If you find yourself waiting for something, anything to make you feel more complete, you just may wait forever. After all, if not NOW, when?


There are no hidden meanings.

All that mystical stuff is just, 'what's so'.

Not os obviously, it's also, 'so what'.

The Master is someone who found out.

Werner Erhard (1971)

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