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Our Life is Our Message

"Here and Now, is anything lacking?"

Zen Saying

As we look around at the state of the world, many are feeling an increasing sense of anxiety over the uncertainty and problems that seem to be confronting humanity at every turn. We may wonder what we can do to contribute to a more loving and compassionate world in the face of the insanity and violence that we see on T.V. everyday. Though we do not have control over what happens half way round the world, we can have a direct and powerful influence on our immediate surroundings. By simply living with the intention of being an instrument of peace and kindness toward every sentient being that appears before us, we can contribute to the wider circle of peace and compassion in the world at large. It all begins and ends with us.

We can use the teaching from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and ask ourselves daily; 'what is my message to the world today'? Check in and see what kind of energy you are sending out to all of those who cross your path. Is it a message of Love and kindness, or is it a message of stress, judgement, and anger? What we think, feel, and do creates ripples that radiate from us and effect all of those with whom we interact; from our partner and co-workers, to the dog next door. This 'message' that we send out is also the message we end up receiving from the world - and from others - for whatever energy we send out, returns to us in the form of the relationships and circumstances we experience as our life. In this way, we are 100% responsible for the 'feeling' and 'flow' of our lives.

So what has been your message to the world today? What message are you sending out right Now? Are you radiating Love, or are you clouding the space around you with fear and anxiety? If making the world a more peaceful and compassionate place is what you long for, then cultivate a greater peace and compassion within yourself. You can begin right where you are: take a refreshing breath (or three) right Now into the space of your heart, smile and send Love and kindness on your out-breath to all Beings (particularly to those around you). What you may find is that Life responds by sending you people and experiences that reflect this Love, joy and kindness. If contributing to the well-being of others, and our planet, is what you truly wish to do, then let your own life be your message to the world. If not Now, when?

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