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Stop Seeking and Find Everything

"Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness."

Chuang Tzu

Are you a 'Seeker'? Are you one of those people who seem to always be seeking something; more money, more security, more juicy experiences? Or perhaps it's seeking of a more spiritual vein; more happiness, more peace or seeking more knowledge about your Self. Perhaps most of your time and attention goes into being more than you are, having more than you have or doing more than you're doing. Rarely, if ever, are you content with just Being who you already are, enjoying what you already have, without needing to do anything more than what you're already doing right now (even if you're apparently 'doing' nothing).

The above paragraph describes the way I lived my life for over forty years. It was at the wise old age of 18 that, I became what I would describe as, a 'Professional Seeker', particularly when it came to All-Important Spiritual Matters. I determined at that very young age that something was missing from my life, and I made it my mission to find it, ASAP, because without it, I just wasn't going to be able to be happy or fulfilled in my Life. And so over the course of the next four decades, through countless books, workshops, teachers, techniques and everything in-between, I sought for what I thought would fulfill me, in the world 'out there'. As time went by, my frustration and confusion grew year-by-year, as what I sought always seemed to be just around the next corner (and it never was).

At the height of this confusion (perhaps desperation is a better word for it), I was finally brought to a place of such despair that my only recourse was to either let go and drop my role as a 'Seeker', or slip into a Darkness from which there was no return. Fortunately, through Grace, I saw that the only real choice I had was to let go of my identity as a 'Seeker Who Was Less Than', and instead, rest completely in what I already was (and always had been). In this 'letting go' there was, and remains, a tremendous realization that; there is nothing to find and no one to find it. In other words; everything was, and had always been, exactly the way it was suppose to be; right Here and Now. Another way to say it was; when I dropped the role of 'Seeker', I found everything that I had been looking for. If you doubt this, why not try it for yourself? Right Now, stop Seeking. Drop the burden of trying to find something that you think will finally give you the permanent happiness and contentment that you crave. Do it Now. Completely. Then see what happens.


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