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Happy For No Reason

"The clouds above us join and separate.

The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.

Life is like that, so why not relax?

Who can stop us from celebrating?"

Lu Yu

Imagine for a moment being happy for no reason. Not because you attained some cherished desire, not because the man or woman of your dreams has suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and not because you suddenly 'figured out' your life purpose; but simply because you woke up today feeling joyful for simply being alive. Of course, the mind (the voice in your head), will insist that this kind of happiness is not only unattainable, but a mirage that we can never quite reach. And of course, on one level, the mind is right; you cannot attain something that you already are - you can only wake up and remember it.

As we look around us at the turmoil that is engulfing humanity on every level, we might wonder how we can ever hope to be happy in a world gone mad. And of course, if we are looking 'out there' at the ever-changing landscape of circumstances and experiences, you would be right to surmise that happiness is something that comes and quickly goes; as fleeting as a dream. Just when you get something (or someone) that you think will make you happy, it isn't long before that thing or person will no longer satisfy you. As this happens, your mind will suddenly start to fixate on something (or someone) else that is more exciting or appealing. After a few years (or decades) of this roller coaster way of living, we can feel empty and exhausted, and perhaps even ready to admit that nothing 'out there' in the world will bring us the happiness we long for.

The really good thing about what is unfolding in the world around us right now, is that it is showing us (quite starkly), that the contentment we have always longed for can only be found within us. In fact, it is our True Nature. We are being shown that we simply cannot struggle, work hard or think our way into a state of peace and joy; because it is always right where we stand, and as close as our very breath. All we have to do to know this inner state of happiness, is turn our attention away from the outer world, to what is happening inside us. If you doubt this, try it right now. Close your eyes and actually 'feel' into where you are right now - the space around and within you, and the flow of your breath. Feel the sense of aliveness within you. Really relax into the feeling of being present right Now, in every cell of your body, and you may notice that a sense of stillness and bliss begins to arise within you, as you. This sense of joy and peace is at the heart of who you are.

As the ancient spiritual teachings remind us - our true nature is SAT-CHIT-ANANDA (Being-Awareness-Bliss), and we can know this for ourselves by diving deeply within through daily meditation (for those of you who may not know how to meditate, see the blog titled A Peaceful Mind in the archives). One thing is for sure; for those who continue to look for satisfaction in the ever-changing world, there will increasingly be a sense of frustration, fear and anxiety. For those who look within, there will be a sense of security, peace and celebration in the unfolding of the Tao (the Way of the Universe). If you doubt this, I encourage you to take the next 21 days to meditate daily, and give yourself the opportunity to discover what awaits you in the cave of your own heart. Through this practice, you may be surprised to discover that nothing can keep you from celebrating your Life as it is right now, and happiness will arise from within you for no reason whatsoever.

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