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Peace is Every Breath

"Blessed are the Peaceful,

for they shall be called the Children of God."

Yeshua the Christ

As we watch the unfolding turmoil in our country, and in the world, we can find ourselves wondering and worrying about where it's all going to end up. If we are completely honest, we are living in a time of great uncertainty, where the foundations around us are shaking and highly unstable. This uncertainty, which can give rise to feelings of fear and anxiety, might also lead us to ask what we can do to bring peace and harmony to our country, and to the world. The answer is summed up in the above quote from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, who said that, "When there is peace within us, there will be peace in the world" Of course, this is often easier said than done.

It is often much easier to look 'out there' at what we feel is wrong with someone else, while ignoring the anger, and even hatred that fills our own minds. For anyone reading this who is doubtful that you have anger inside you, I would invite you to look honestly again, and make friends with your fear and your anger, because until you do, you will act out those feelings in a way that that will hurt, not only others, but yourself. As the Buddha said, your anger is a poison that ends up hurting only you. The point is this; until we look deeply at our own unconscious behavior, we will remain unable to be of real service to others or to the world.

Of course, it can be difficult to look into our own mind in this way, and really open to the truth of what is there. However, with humility and compassion for ourselves, we can begin to bring the Sun-Light of our own Awareness to the dark places inside of us, and begin to shine that Light into the world as peace, kindness and gentleness. Of course, the most wonderful way to cultivate this peace is through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Why not try it right now? Close your eyes and take three deep refreshing breaths. As you breathe in and out, repeat to yourself,

"Breathing in, my heart is filled with peace.

Breathing out, I am free."

In this way we allow ourselves to be open-hearted, and walk through the world as a Peacemaker; breathing peace on our out-breath to all Beings, especially those who are filled with anger and rage at this time. The crisis we are now going through gives us all the opportunity to breathe in the medicine of peace and Loving-Kindness, and share it with a heartbroken world in need of healing.

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