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The Sacred Sound

I often hear from people that, while they would like to meditate regularly, they sometimes have a very hard time settling the mind down long enough to relax and be still. Of course, the more we try to calm the mind (the voice in our head), the more it seems to jump from here to there, and back again. Fortunately, there is a very powerful and easy way to relax the busy mind, and thus settle into a state of easy meditation. As you sit down and get comfortable, simply spend a few minutes (or more), chanting a sacred sound, either out loud or to yourself. These sacred sounds, which have been around since the beginning of everything, have a way of gently easing us into a very delightful space of awareness, where meditation unfolds effortlessly and spontaneously.

Of course, most of you reading this are familiar with the sound of OM, and perhaps you've even chanted this sound in a yoga class or even at a Tao Tribe meditation gathering. There are several other 'mantras' (as they are often called), that are also wonderful for settling the mind into the present moment, and bringing the relaxation that makes meditation enjoyable and beneficial. A couple of the other sounds you can use are AH or Hu. While the benefits of singing these primordial sounds are well documented, the most important thing they do is settle the energy of the mind into the body, and open us to an experience of the Divine Presence (or whatever Name you wish to call IT).

If you doubt this, spend a few minutes chanting one of these sacred sounds before you begin your next meditation. Take the one that 'feels' right for you, be it OM, AH or HU, and begin to chant it out loud or to yourself, in any key you like, and do it with a sense of sacredness and devotion. Lifting your interior gaze as if looking through your forehead, can also increase the power of your chanting. If you wish to chant with other people, you can go to YouTube, where you will find recordings of these sounds to sing along with as well. Chant for as long as you wish and when you are finished, allow yourself at least 5 to 10 minutes to sit in the silence, and feel the Stillness permeating your Being. This practice is a powerful way to over-ride the anxiety and restlessness of the mind and settle you into meditation, while opening the door to the depth and spacious delight of the Divine Presence within, and around you.

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