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Allow Others To Be

"Many paths lead from

the foot of the mountain,

but at the peak we all gaze

at the single bright moon."


Have you ever noticed that, while we often have no clue about what to do with our own lives, quite magically, we believe that we know exactly what others should do with theirs? Often unsolicited, we can find ourselves offering our sage advice to others, with an air of authority that belies our own confusion and uncertainty. This in turn often pushes away, and alienates, the very people who come to us seeking our support. If we are honest however, we can never really know what's best for someone else, despite our belief to the contrary.

Seen from another perspective, we can always know that whatever a person is doing, or going through in their lives, is exactly what they are suppose to be doing. How can we know this? Because it's what they are going through! We can know, without a doubt, that wherever they find themselves always holds the perfect opportunity for their own learning and growth, and of course, this is true not only for others, but for ourselves as well. From this way of looking, everything that happens is always unfolding for their highest good, no matter how we may judge it otherwise.

The truth is, even when someone comes seeking our advice, they really don't want us to tell them what to do. What they really want is for us to listen deeply, and give them the space to figure things out for themselves. When others know that they can trust us to listen without an agenda, it frees them to find the perfect solutions to the challenges they face, and allows us to be there for them without our judgements getting in the way. When we simply allow, and accept others as they are, we open up a space for true relationship to flower, and the possibility for Love to unfold.

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