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Your Life is a Work of Art

"Creativity is often linked to Flow - energized focus, effortless expression, total immersion in what we are doing. Both creativity and Flow arise from the same source - the fundamental spaciousness of Being. Creativity is the energy of joy. When we are creative, we express the joy of being alive."

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Many of us long to be more creative. We dream of playing a musical instrument, writing a book of poetry or painting a beautiful picture that inspires others. While all of these are expressions of creativity, what if we looked at our whole life as an artistic endeavor, and everything we do as an expression of creative energy? What if every moment of our life presented us with the opportunity to live from the creative source within us, and to bring that energy directly into the world on a moment-to moment basis? What if we began to live as if our whole life is our work of art?

The truth is, everything we do can be an expression of creativity that can inspire, not only ourselves, but everyone around us. From the way we dress, cook a meal or come up with a creative solution to a problem we might be facing, every moment presents us with the opportunity to live creatively with enthusiasm and joy, and to express those qualities through everything we do. When we look at every new day as an empty canvas that is waiting to be filled with the flavors and colors that we choose to express, we give ourselves the opportunity to open to the infinite possibilities that are waiting for us to express creatively in every area of our lives. The more we open to that creativity, the more we

begin to see every moment with fresh inspiration, filled with the joy of expressing the divine potential within us.

For those who wish that they could live their lives from this spark, yet feel they don't possess any creative abilties, the way to cultivate this creativity is very easy and simple: be still and meditate. When we relax and enter the spacious Stillness within us, we enter directly into the very source of creativity, the very well-spring of spontaneous inspiration that is giving rise to everything in the Universe (including you). When we settle down in meditation, we gain access to this creative inspiration and are able to express and bring It's potential into every area of our lives. Through the energized focus of meditation, we become immersed in the effortless expression of this creative potential - in fact, we realize that this creative potential is who we are - expressing through, and as us.

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