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A Daring Adventure

"Life is either a daring adventure

or nothing at all."

Helen Keller

There are many people who feel that their lives are dreadful and boring. Day after day, they trudge through their daily grind, repeating what they did the day before, and living with a feeling that Life is a repetitive cycle of activities that bring little or no joy. And yet the mind (the voice in our head), convinces us that we must live this way if we are to have the security and stability that we believe is necessary in order to get through life safely. This 'safety' entails not taking any risks, and making sure that nothing ever changes (as if). Most of all, we must not rock the boat, nor do anything that might threaten this deadening treadmill of sameness. In this constant search for stability however, we cut ourselves off from the aliveness of dancing with the current of the Universe (the Tao), thus missing out on the delightful surprises that the twists and turns of life can bring us.

When we begin to open however, with courage and trust, to the power and mystery that is unfolding this eternal moment, our life becomes a daring adventure. When we let go of our exhausting attempts to control and manage the events of our Lives, things have a way of turning on a dime and going in directions we might not have ever imagined. For instance, one day you're living in California - and presto - the next month you end up in a foreign country working for a firm you have always dreamed of. Or, after years of being sedentary and lazy, you suddenly find yourself running a marathon or hiking to the top of Mt. Kilamanjaro. Even more importantly, we find that the daily unfolding of our 'ordinary' experiences, whether it's taking a walk with a friend or enjoying a glass of wine, become extraordinary in their vividness and beauty. We are actually present to our lives, and in this presence we see the gift that life is.

When we stop trying to find security in life, and instead, look upon each day as an opportunity to learn, grow and try something new, everything begins to take on a sweetness and sense of adventure that leaves us with a profound appreciation for the blessing of just being here and now. We are also open to whatever life may bring us, knowing that it is always unfolding for our highest good. As Mystical Travelers, we revel in the miracle of our life on this earth, and live each moment to the full - fully alive, fully engaged, fully awake, and fully exhilarated by the adventure of this amazing ride through the vastness of space.

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