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The Energy You Radiate

"Everyone brightens a room -

some by entering,

some by leaving."

Mark Twain (?)

According to the ancient Taoist Masters, there is one energy in the Universe that is giving rise to everything and everyone around you (including you). In fact, everything (including you), is vibrating with this energy (called Qi in Chinese), and everything has it's existence because of this one power. There is nothing that is separate from this energy, and everything you think, feel, and do happens because of it. Love and anger, kindness and fear, joy and sadness all arise because of this Universal power, and even your thoughts are a manifestation of this energy.

As we watch the levels of hatred and negativity rise around us, we can wonder just what we can do to bring more Love and kindness into the world around us. The simple answer is to make it your daily practice to radiate Light and Love through your actions, words and thoughts, and to bring these positive qualities to every moment of your life. We can then be the one who brightens a room when we enter, radiating the simple energy of Love and calm to everyone we meet. Our energetic presence can be a counter-balance to the negativity and despair that seems to be growing everyday, both within and around us.

The question in every moment is this; what energy are YOU radiating right now? Are you living wide open as the spacious expanse of Love or are you closed off in judgements, and feeling angry towards yourself and others? Are you generating worry and fear, or are you shining with the energy of joy and ease as you go about your day? All of us, in every moment, are radiating our prominent feeling to everyone we meet. We are like walking batteries that draw in the energy around us, and then give that energy back out into the world and to everyone we meet. Because of this, there has never been a more crucial time to be aware of the energy we are taking in, and giving out to the world.

When you feel your spirit sagging and feeling heavy, take a moment to breathe powerful Qi through the entire field of your body - through every inch of your skin - down to the very marrow of your bones. Let this breath carry radiant health, Love, joy and wellbeing into every cell of your body. As you do this, you will become lighter and more vibrant, and then be able to radiate this powerful energy out to everyone and everything that appears in your field of experience. There has never been a more important time to do this practice, and to radiate this healing Qi into the world.

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