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An Inside Job

"The clouds above us join and separate

The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns

Life is like that, so why not relax?

Who can stop us from celebrating?"

Lu Yu

Perhaps you have spent the majority of your life believing that something out in the world will make you happy - that if you just had the right amount of money, the perfect relationship or the fulfilling job - you would be eternally happy and your life would have the meaning you think it should. Yet you may have noticed that, when you do get what you want, the satisfaction you experience is temporary at best, and it isn't long before the mind (the voice in your head), once again begins to look for something 'out there' to ease it's feeling of fear and insecurity.

Despite the fact that we have been told by every spiritual teacher and philosopher since the beginning of time that the fulfillment we long for can only be found within us, we can still find ourselves falling for the illusion that there is something/someone 'out there' who will do the trick. We hold out the hope that the next 'big thing' in our lives will bring the long-awaited happiness we long for, despite being shown again and again, that nothing in the world will give us the peace and flow we desire. If you truly know this, why not just save yourself from this continual frustration, and drop the illusion once and for all?

Why not begin, right now, to focus on the only place where you can find the treasure of joy that you so desperately long for; in the space within you? Why not come home to the present moment, here and now, and re-discover the peace and contentment that you have spent your whole life looking for? When you notice that you are searching for something out in the world; a relationship, a possession or any experience to make you feel more complete and fulfilled, take a refreshing breath and ask yourself, "Here and Now, is there anything lacking?" Look for yourself and see that, in this moment, there is nothing missing or out of place. See for yourself that your own fulfillment is an inside job, on this breath, in this moment, Now...

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