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The Meaning Of It All

You can spend your entire life looking for the meaning of Life, and never find it. From a young age we are told that the 'meaning' of life is to go to school, get a proper job, get married, have kids, blah, blah, blah...and then 'retire' (whatever that means). As we get older, and a little wiser, we begin to realize that none of that stuff actually makes us very happy. In fact, in many cases, it leads people to realize that none of it actually matters very much as all, and that the more they 'do' in order to be fulfilled, the less joy they feel. This can then lead to a 'spiritual' crisis in which we begin to look deeper than fulfilling our superficial desires, and instead turn within for the answers we can no longer find 'out there' in the world. This can lead us to begin meditating, exercising, reading uplifting books or going on retreats to relieve our anxiety, and hopefully find some deeper meaning to our life. Yet, there are no guarantees.

So what if the truth is simply this: There is no grand meaning to life?

Or, from another slightly different perspective: Life has the meaning that you give it.

What if life is like a giant white board, and you can take your sharpie pen and draw whatever you wish on the empty space? What if you can fill in your days on this spinning blue orb with whatever it is that you wish to do, or even more dramtically, to awaken from this dream and live freely. And while that may well be MY meaning for life, for you it could be to travel the world like Anthony Bourdain, enjoy exotic cuisine and make as many friends as possible. For another it could be to do paintings of the ocean while sitting on a beach in Mexico, and for another to become a plumber and fix drains, enjoy weekends boating on a lake while drinking as much beer as possible. Our experience - be it pain and suffering, or joy and delight is in our hands. The truth is, it takes a lot of courage to really look at the simple fact that Life has the meaning you give it. It's total responsibility for your experience.

The point here is; there is no point, and until we wake up to this one simple truth, we will continue to be disappointed by life for not giving us what we thing we need to be fulfilled. If you want fulfillment then first BE fulfilled right where you are, and if you still find the circumstances of your life completly unbearable, then change the channel and make up another meaning. What is 'living life to the full' anyway? It's whatever turns you on to life; jumping out of airplanes, saving the rainforests, drinking good tequila or sitting quietly and enjoying your breath. True spirituality is paying attention to everything, not just the things the mind tells us are spiritual. Then we come to see that the meaning of it all is quite simple - it's the meaning that you are bringing to the party, here and now.

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