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Be Grateful For All Of It

"Receive what you have been given

and know that it is always enough.

Thus the Master has what she wants

and wants only what she already has."


We can spend the majority of our lives focused on getting what we think will make us happy. We tell ourselves that the joy that seems to be lacking in our lives can only be found when we 'do this' or 'get that'. Even when we do manage to fulfill a cherished desire, we are often left with a feeling of, 'is that it'?, that something is still missing, and it isn't long before the mind (the voice in our head) convinces us that happiness can be found in the attainment of another desire.

Yet, the surest and quickest way to the joy and fulfillment we long for is to simply recognize, and be grateful for, the blessings that already fill our lives. This can be done by taking time each day to pause, look around, and feel gratitude for what is happening right in front of you; a beautiful sunset, a bite of delicious food, your favorite song or the breath you're taking right now. By paying attention and opening our hearts to the abundance that already fills our lives, we begin to feel a joy that is not dependent on things being a particular way.

If you doubt this, take a moment right Now, close your eyes and bring your awareness to something you are grateful for. This could be something as simple as the health of your body, the love of your family or the car you drive everyday. Get a sense of breathing gratitude to the Universal Flow that brought you this blessing and see how this makes you feel. Make it your practice to do this several times a day, and particularly before you drift off to sleep at night. What you might notice is that, not only do you begin to feel a greater appreciation for the blessings you already have in your life, but the more Life will give you to be grateful for. With this 'attitude of gratitude' you will be like a magnet that attracts even greater abundance into the fullness of your Life, without having to do anything to make it happen.

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