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As Easy As Being

"Approach the Tao and there is no beginning;

follow it and there is no end.

You can't know it, but you can BE it,

at ease in your own life.

Just realize where you come from;

this is the essence of wisdom."

Tao Te Ching

Have you ever noticed that the mind (the voice in your head), is always trying to figure something out? It wants to know why this or that happened and why things are the way they are (the answer, if there is one, is; because they are). It especially wants to know who and what we are, and it tells us we must find this 'me' that we believe we have lost. And so we try, in vain, to 'know' who we are, and in the process spend our lives seeking ourselves everywhere but right where we are. We go to temples, we go to foreign countries, we sit at the feet of so-called 'masters', and all we seem to do is come up empty handed.

But what if the freedom we seek, the peace and joy of who we are, isn't a 'doing' at all? What if, in fact, all of our 'doing' only pushes us further away from the ease and flow that we long for in our lives? There's a great clue as to who and what we are in the term that is used for our particular species here on earth. We are called human beings, not humans 'doings'. Sooner or later we figure out that all of our attempts to figure out who we are never lead us any closer to who we actually are right now, in the present moment. In fact, if we are fortunate, we might actually relax long enough to see clearly that we can never hope to 'know' who we are, because all of that 'knowing' is only more thought-forms and beliefs in the mind, that quickly come and go. One moment we think, 'Oh, I finally have myself figured out!', and in the very next we feel we have lost ourselves once again.

Thankfully, the truth is much more simple than all of that; all we have to do to know who we are is too BE who we are, here and now. All that entails is letting go, for a moment, of all of our 'doing', and allowing ourselves to BE exactly as we are. What a sweet relief! Free from seeking this or that, free from trying to figure ourselves out, we drop easily into the field of our own awareness and come home to our true nature, which is too simply Be. Why not do it now? Drop everything for a moment and simply Be as you are, where you are and as you are. This requires no effort on your part, because you already are who you are, where you are and as you are. Just notice this. Drop all of your efforts, and simply relax and Be. Breathe and Be. Right Now. Always Now.

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