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Got Energy?

"Everything in life is vibration."

Albert Einstein

By now, everyone knows that everything is energy. In Taoism, this one energy, which is doing and manifesting everything, is called Qi (pronounced Chi). Take a moment and look inside, and see how your Qi is doing today. Are you feeling optimistic, alive and refreshed or are you tired, cranky and depressed? All of the great Taoist Masters tell us that, however you're feeling is a direct result of the quality of your Qi; which is determined pretty much by how your living your life and taking care of yourself. For instance, we all know that if we don't get enough sleep, we wake up in the morning feeling out-of-sorts and irritable. Get a good nights sleep however, and you wake up feeling on top of the world, happy and ready to go.

Of course, sleep is not the only thing that determines our personal Qi. What we eat, how much (or how little) we exercise and even whether we meditate will all have an impact on our day-to-day mood and feeling toward life. This is very good news, for it means that we have within our power the ability to directly impact and cultivate the quality of Qi we experience on a moment-to-moment basis. So, if we find that we are generally lethargic, lacking enthusiasm and joy toward life, we can take the steps necessary to cultivate greater health and joy in our lives.

Through looking honestly at how we live, we can make the changes that will directly affect our vibratory levels and thus what we attract and radiate out to the world around us. Of course this takes a great honesty with ourselves. If we need more sleep for instance, we must have the discipline to actually follow through and get more sleep. Likewise, if we tend to be negatively charged and depressed, we must be willing to meditate, eat nourishing food and excercise in order to cultivate the Qi we need to feel good.

Since everything is made up of Qi, what we put out, returns to us in equal measure. Raise your vibratory Qi through practices like Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation and yoga, and soon you will see that, not only will your attitude towards life mprove, but the circumstances that show up will begin to improve dramatically

as well. All we have to do is change the inner-landscape, and everything 'out there' will follow. It's all an inside job.

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