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Give What You Most Want

"And what you give is what you get!"

Snap! by the Jam

We can spend our days thinking about what would make us happy, if others would but give it to us. For instance, we can imagine that if our partners just gave us more love and affection, we would feel better about ourselves, and our lives would be miraculously transformed. But alas, no matter what others do for us, rarely does it lead to the prolonged states of happiness and joy we imagine. Our whole life can become an ongoing struggle to get people and situations to give us something that we think will make us feel complete and whole inside. If you have found yourself deploying this strategy, you already know how futile and unsatisfying it is. In fact, it only leads to greater disappointment and exhaustion in our lives.

The simple secret to getting what we want from others, and from the world (.i.e., love, affection, kindness, abundance, compassion), is to simply start giving what we most want. In other words, if love is what we most long for, start BEING more loving toward others in your own life. If kindness is what you most need right now, start radiating kindness to everyone you meet. So you don't feel that others are interested in your life or you're not being listened too by those around you? Then start being interested in others first, and begin listening more deeply to what others say to you.

In other words; give what you most want. Through this subtle but powerful shift in our focus, we will soon see that all the love, joy, kindness and compassion we long for begins to show up in the most unexpected and surprising ways. This is also true of the qualities that impact the world around you; being generous leads to abundance flowing into your own life, being peaceful create a peaceful world around you. In this way, our lives are transformed from the inside out, by simply giving what we most want, without delay, and without reservations.

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