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Take the Long Way Home

It is said that human beings are creatures of habit, and that we find a certain security in doing things the same way over and over. While this way of living may bring us the feeling of being in control, it also leads to boredom, where everything has the feeling of sameness and drudgery, as if the very joy of living has been sucked out of our doing. We encase ourselves in a bubble of habit, where all randomness and spontaneity are destroyed and life begins to lack vitality and enthusiasm. We tell ourselves that these habits of doing; eating the same thing for breakfast everyday, taking the same path on our walks, driving the same way to work, listening to the same kinds of music, spending time with the same old friends; that these make our life easier and more structured and therefore make us feel more secure.

But if we are honest, they also stick us in a bubble where we cut ourselves off from the amazing variety that is all around us. In this isolated bubble, nothing is ever fresh and new, and we end up feeling like robots, everything being exactly the same as the day before. We can break out of these ruts in our life by simply choosing to shake things up a bit, and by embracing something out of our comfort zone in any given moment. For instance, we might reach out to someone new instead of spending time with friends who no longer serve our growth. Perhaps we can try cooking a new kind of food, take a class that challenges our insecurities or go to a movie that is out of our comfort zone.

The key here is to step out of our usual ways of doing and begin to see life as a great adventure that is constantly beckoning us to let go of always playing it safe, and instead, to step off the edge into aliveness and adventure. In this way, we just might find a new curiosity for living that brings us a joy that has long been lacking in our experience, and a greater enthusiasm for Life that constantly delights and enlightens us. The point is; the more you are open to sampling lifes incredible banquet, the more you will be delighted by it's variety and depth. All that is required is to step out of your bubble and into the unknown...

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