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Let Freedom Ring!

All of us are constantly looking for more freedom and independence in our lives. Often we think that this independence can only be found outside of us, by changing the circumstances of our lives; generating more money, taking up a cause that makes us feel we are doing something important or finding a new partner to make life exciting again. Yet, no matter what we 'do', the feeling of freedom that arises from 'doing something' doesn't last, and it isn't long before we start to feel constricted and shackled again.

If we really pay attention, we begin to notice the feeling of being 'caged in' doesn't arise from something 'out there', but happens through our thinking that something is missing from our lives and needs to change. Yet, as we have been told by every spiritual teacher since the beginning of spiritual teachers; true independence isn't something that can be bought or acquired from the outside, but is a state of being that can only be found within. This state of inner-freedom gives us the insight that what we are looking for is already available here and now, right in our immediate experience. We don't have to go searching for it, try and meditate it into existence or leave something behind to have it. All that is required is to bring ourselves more fully into the Now and begin to see that, this moment, as it is, already contains the freedom we long for. We simply haven't noticed.

If true freedom is what you really want; a freedom that doesn't depend on outer circumstances being a certain way, then all you have to do is be HERE, and recognize that everything is already perfect as it is. In this open freedom, you allow all things to come and go as they will, knowing that they are going to come and go whether you approve or not. In this flowing with 'what is', you find the freedom you have always longed for in the simple unfolding of your life, here and now. In fact, you find that, when you stop searching for freedom, you already have all you need!

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