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Accepting Yourself As You Are

"Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace.

When you live in complete acceptance of what is,

that is the end of all drama in your life."

Eckhart Tolle

Imagine that you have just woken up to another day, and much to your surprise, you feel a very deep acceptance of yourself just as you are. There is no longer any impulse to try and fix or change anything about you. In fact, you deeply accept yourself and your life exactly as it is, knowing that it cannot be otherwise. Gone is the deep resistance to what is unfolding around you, and instead, there is only a carefree acceptance of everything, knowing that it is exactly the way it's suppose to be. Take a moment right now and just breathe open; with acceptance of everything, including yourself, exactly as you are. Lay down the burden of trying to control anything, and get the sense of deeply resting in alignment with that Divine Intelligence that is unfolding your life right Now.

Of course, this way of Being runs completely counter to the story in our mind that we are deeply flawed, unworthy and in need of fixing. It also runs in direct opposition to what most of us do in our moment-to-moment experience, where we try (in vain) to control everything that happens; where we resist everything that comes into our lives, and in the process, tie ourselves into knots of fear and anxiety. As the world around us continues to become more unpredictable and uncertain by the day, the mind (the voice in our head), tells us that we can control what happens if we just think and worry a little bit more. Of course; not only is this insane, it never works, and in fact only leads to greater levels of insecurity and unease.

When we learn (usually through great suffering), to accept ourselves as we are, we find a great inner well-spring of wisdom and joy from which we can deeply rest and enjoy the present moment. As long as we continue to fight and resist life, we miss the opportunity to allow the Tao to guide and give us the power and ability to work things out with the least amount of effort and energy on our part. In accepting and allowing everything to be as it is, we radically alter our vision from one of fear and worry, to clarity and trust in the ever-present Divine Flow that is unfolding our lives and bringing us to exactly where we always need to be: right here and right now. After all, where else can we be? Where else would you want to be?

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