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Radical Acceptance

Life can sometimes seem like one endless challenge, and all of our time can seem like it goes to handling one damn thing after another. We try, in vain, to control what happens; we resist everything; from our thoughts to the next sound we hear, only to grow even more frustrated by our futile attempts. If we are honest, all of this resistance neither keeps what we don't want to happen from happening, or brings the peace and joy that we long for. If we look, all this resistance does is hold the challenging circumstances we are facing in place.

Yet, what if we were to completely accept ourselves, and our lives, exactly as they are, and allow ourselves to trust that where we are is exactly where we are suppose to be? Take a moment right now and just breathe open, with acceptance of everything, including yourself, exactly as you are. Lay down the burden of trying to control life, and get the sense of coming into alignment with what is unfolding, as it is.

When we learn, usually through great suffering, to surrender to the flow of life, and accept everything as it is, we find a great well-spring of wisdom and energy to actually handle the challenges that life presents, and more importantly, we open to the lessons that we are being given through those circumstances. As long as we fight and resist life, we miss the opportunity to allow life to guide, and give us, the power and ability to work things out with the least amount of effort and energy on our part.

In accepting everything as it is, we radically alter our vision from one of fear and worry, to clarity and trust in the ever-present flow that is unfolding our lives and taking us to exactly where we always need to be: right here and right now. After all, where else can we be?

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