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As Good As It Gets!

Spring comes with flowers, autumn with the moon,

summer with the breezes and winter with snow.

When useless concepts don't stick to your mind,

THIS is your best season."


Take a moment and have a look around you...

Notice where you are and what's actually happening, within and without you...

Now, get a sense that EVERYTHING you have ever gone through, that has ever happened in your life, has all led up to this moment, right now, as it is. In fact, no matter how much your mind may disagree, nothing could have happened other than the way it did.

Now, open yourself to the truth that this moment, just as it is, is as good as your life is ever going to get. Really breathe this in; wherever and whoever you are, right now, is as good as its ever going to get.

How does that feel to you? Are you disappointed by this news or are you open enough to see that it is true?

If you are disappointed, and find that your mind (the voice in your head that poses as 'you'), begins to protest and find all kinds of 'reasons' why this moment can't possibly be as good as it gets, then just notice that it is these 'reasons' that keep you from enjoying the unfolding of your life, as it is. 'When I get this' or 'when that happens', the mind assures us, then my life will be as good as it gets, but certainly not RIGHT Now! Notice that it is this internal argument with reality that keeps you from being happy and at peace in this moment.

In this 'waiting' for a better moment, we miss the simple, elegant beauty of the eternal now, and the realization that everything, as it is, is as good as it's ever going to get. In this 'waiting', we miss the ordinary, brilliant moments of our extraordinary life.

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