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Nothing To Know

"You can't know it, but you can Be it,

at ease in your own life.

Just realize where you come from:

This is the essence of wisdom."

Tao Te Ching

It is a a mystery why we keep trying to find ourselves. Like a dog chasing it's tail; round and round we go, in circles, making ourselves dizzy trying to figure out who, and what we are. The mind (the voice in your head) convinces you that who you are right NOW is not enough, that you must go in search of some bigger and better 'you' that can only be found in the future. So off you go; here, there and everywhere, looking high and low; in books, in teachers, in distant lands and up in the stars.

Yet, no matter how long and how hard we search, we just can't seem to locate this 'me' that we hope we will one day find, that 'me' who will solve all of our problems, be eternally happy, and most of all, be 'enlightened'. If we are lucky, there comes a day when, through sheer exhaustion and frustration, we finally begin to wake up from the dream that there is someone or something that we are going to find that is finally going to complete us. We start to get a clue that there's no one to find, and nothing to know. In fact, mercifully, we see that it has been our constant seeking that has led us far away from the very destination that we have never left, the destination where we can actually relax and Be who we already are: the Here and Now.

Miraculously, we discover that when we stop trying to 'know' who we are through the mind, through mental concepts and ideas, when we give up the search once and for all, we can naturally relax and 'Be' who we are right in this moment. When we realize that we have never been other than who we are, that we have never departed from the present moment for even a second, we easily discover the ease and flow we have longed for our whole lives. All that is required is to simply Be who we already are, Here and Now.

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