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Inner Peace Revolution

Often we can be left wondering what we can do as individuals to bring a greater peace and harmony to the world. As we watch, with growing uncertainty, the unfolding, chaotic events that are happening on a global scale, we realize just how little control we have over what happens 'out there' in the world around us. This growing uncertainty is giving rise to ever increasing levels of anxiety and fear in a large section of humanity.

Luckily, all of the spiritual teachers and spiritual paths have pointed to meditation as a powerful way to bring change to the earth; not through changing the circumstances of the human drama, but by simply changing our inner landscape to one of peace, joy, and compassion. We are told, again and again, that the greatest contribution we can make to world peace is to become peaceful within and carry that peace into our daily activities; to our jobs, our friends and family, even to the stranger we pass in the grocery store.

The wonderful thing about the practice of daily meditation is that, though we reap the benefits of increased peace, calm, and happiness; the world around us also benefits greatly. As we resonate with more radiant peace, we also radiate that peace to everyone who crosses our path, and thereby make the greatest contribution to the earth that we can possibly make. When we begin to do our daily meditation, not only for ourselves, but for the happiness and peace of all Beings, our practice then takes on an even greater depth and power.

All we have to do is commit ourselves to living with inner peace through a daily meditation practice and stay with it, no matter what may arise. If you need inspiration, I recommend watching a new, short video that can be found at: (the above video is a short trailer for the full length film). This video will inspire you to engage in, what is called 'subtle activism' - changing the world through changing your own inner world, through peace, Love and compassion. There is no time to lose......

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