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Offer No Resistance

The present moment is ALWAYS unfolding exactly as it should. Things come and things go, people arrive and people depart, and all of it takes place in the beautiful flow of the Here and Now. Often, however, we can find ourselves opposing the flow of our lives, and in the process, creating unnecessary pain and suffering as we struggle through one drama after another. In this resistance, we cut ourselves off from the effortless Now, and create feelings of confusion and unhappiness in the process.

This kind of internal suffering can often lead us to a point where we can no longer hold onto the resistance pattern, and are forced to let go and trust the Universal Intelligence that is unfolding our lives. In this letting go, we discover the relief and freedom that is always available when we simply allow the present moment to be, and move with the direction it's taking us in.

In dropping our resistance to life, we once again re-discover the grace, ease and lightness that are at the heart of our true nature. We also discover that the situations that we have been resisting and opposing, begin to clear up in the process of life itself, without our having to do anything at all. In living a life that is free of resistance, and accepting everything as it is, we thus find the happiness and peace that are always available when we live in the space where our whole lives unfold: the space of the Present Moment.

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