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Creating a Better 'Future'

"Be here with this breath, and the future will take care of itself."

Francis Lucille

Often we can find ourselves 'waiting' for a better future. 'When this happens or when I get that', the mind says, 'then I will be truly happy and at peace.' People can spend their whole lives waiting for things to 'work out', only to find that they have never truly lived at all. While always trying to get to a future that promises to be better than the past, we overlook the simplicity of what is unfolding Here and Now, in the only space that we will ever inhabit: the space of the present moment.

Only when we begin to actually be 'here', rather than wanting to be somewhere else, can we actually begin to create a life that is happy and fulfilling. Until then, we have the curious habit of re-creating in the future, exactly what we created in the past. For instance, if fear or anger is what has filled most of our lives, then we are likely to experience more of the same in the future. Only be being fully present can we begin to dissolve the hold that the past has on us, and begin to create a life that is based on the wakefulness and clarity of the present moment. After all, at his moment, what is lacking?

The truth is that, past and future are mental creations that have nothing to do with what is actually happening right now. And it's always Now. To see this truth free's us from the minds constant pursuit of the phantom of happiness that it tells us can only be found in the future, when this or that happens. To see through this illusion is to wake up to the freedom that can be found in the only moment that our whole lives will unfold in; the moment of Here and Now.

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