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Having Enough

Many people walk around with a nagging feeling that something is missing from their lives. No matter what they do, no matter where they go or what they have, it just doesn't seem to be enough. Perhaps, even for us, the elusive peace that we long for is always in the next goal, the next relationship, the next 'something' that the mind says will finally bring the feeling of contentment that we desire. Yet, no matter how much we seem to do or get, it never seems to be enough.

There is a saying in the Zen tradition that goes, 'Contentment is found in the realization of what you already have.' What if we were to simply stop for a moment, breathe, and actually look at what we already have? What would we find? We may discover that what we have is already enough, just as it is. We may also find that who we are, just as we are, is also enough.

In this recognition we see that it is our minds constant reaching into the future for our happiness that brings the continual feeling of unhappiness that plagues us. We come to realize that, here and now, we already have everything we need to be happy and at peace. If you doubt this, take a moment right now and bring this question to your mind; 'here and now, is there anything lacking'? What you may find when you ask this question, is that there is never anything lacking here and now, that you always have everything you need to be happy. All you have to do is notice.

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