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The Light of Christmas/Solstice

"Don't you know that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you?"


As Christmas/Solstice approaches, many are caught up in the stress of the 'holiday'season, rushing

mindlessly from event to event, constantly doing things that actually have nothing to do with this sacred season. In the midst of this madness, they overlook the reason for the lights, the parties, the tree, the glitter, and the presents. They also miss out on the powerful spiritual energy that is avaialble to us when we simply slow down, breathe mindfully, and open our hearts to the Still Presence of the Christ Awareness that is so palpable at this time of year.

As we celebrate Christmas/Winter Solstice; the longest night of the year and the return of the light of the sun, we find the powerful yin qualities of silence and stillness calling us home to ourselves. By going within, we find the sanctuary of peace that heals the turmoil in our mind, that soothes the fear of the coming New Year, and gives us the ability to rest in the depth of our own Being. By listening to the call to turn within and come home to the Here and Now, we find all of the gifts that are available to us when we simply wake up and listen to the silence within....and without.

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