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Resting in the Joy of Stillness

According to the old Taoist Masters, winter is a time of extreme yin (represented by the black side of the yin/yang symbol), with it's feminine qualities of stillness, slowing down, meditation, rest, and turning within. As we move toward the Winter Meditation Intensive/Retreat and the upcoming Solstice, we can feel the approach of Winter, and choose to consciously embrace these qualities; to listen deeply and to be still. Though the coming weeks might be filled with parties, gift giving, and family gatherings, the time of winter calls to us to STOP and actually be present to the transformational energy that is waiting to bestow it's gifts upon us. If we truly open, and follow the yin energies that unfold during Wintertime, we will be drawn into the spacious calm that is at the center of this sacred season.

Of course, many find it very hard to say 'no' to the swirl of activities that arise during the holiday season; the 'to do' list, and prefer to spend the holidays rushing about, frantically trying to keep pace with their social calendars. In this way, they end up exhausting themselves to the point of sickness and depression. Instead of honoring the intuitive energy that is pulling us to slow down and go within, we exhaust ourselves with endless distractions that lead to feeling over-whelmed and exhausted. The antidote to this madness, of course, is to take time out for yourself this Winter, and allow yourself to meditate and rest - to follow the inward pull into the depths of your own Being.

By following the example of a tree, for example, which sheds it's old leaves and rests in order to prepare for the coming of Spring, and new growth, we can actually rejuvenate ourselves and be 'reborn' during Wintertime. By slowing down and honoring the yin energies of the season, you will actually feel more peaceful and appreciative, not to mention joyful, as you attend all of those parties and family gatherings that beckon, and you just might avoid getting sick as well.

You can also give yourself the gift of our Winter Meditation Intensive/Retreat on Sunday, Dec. 10, where you will have the opportunity to let go of your busy agenda (mind), slow down, breathe, and refresh your radiant spirit through meditation, sacred music, and silence. All the details can be found on the 'Meditation Intensive' page. And all of us can take to heart these words from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, and allow ourselves to come home to the Sacred Silence and Stillness of Wintertime.

"What you need, what we ALL need, is Silence.

Stop the noise in your mind in order for

the wondrous sounds of life to be heard.

Then you can begin to live your life

authentically and deeply."

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Be Still, and Know......"

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