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The Light of the Winter Solstice

"Open your hearts now...

Listen to the river"

Luka Bloom

As we move into the heart of the Sacred Season, we can often feel our hearts being called to open to the Light and Divine Love that is so powerfully moving through the world right now. That powerful Light will be flowing at its peak this Saturday, as we enter the moment of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. In Taoism, the Winter Solstice represents the night of maximium Yin (female) energy, with its qualities of Stillness, rest and profoundly healing energies; a time when we can open our hearts, be still and receive the gifts of this sacred night by slowing down, meditating, lighting a candle and listening deeply to the river of Silence.

Most people, however, are too caught up in the madness of the 'holiday' season to even notice this profoundly transformative energy; rushing mindlessly from one event to another, stressing out over what to buy, and constantly 'doing' things that actually have nothing to do with what this sacred time of year is all about. In the midst of this 'celebrating', they overlook the reason for the lights, the parties, the tree and the presents, and thus miss out on the radiant spiritual energy, peace and joy that are the true gifts of the season.

The promise of the Winter Solstice is that the darkness doesn't last forever - in fact - at the moment of the longest night, the light of the sun is already returning, as the days begin to grow longer and Spring, with its promise of new growth, begins its return. This year, give yourself the gift of turning within during this powerful time, and rediscover the sanctuary of peace, calm and rest that will heal the turmoil in your mind, and bring you into the depth of your own Being. By listening to the call of Silence to turn within, and come home to the Here and Now, we find that all of the gifts we could ever wish for are already present within us.

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