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Do What You Enjoy

"In work, do what you enjoy."

Tao Te Ching

One of the things that can happen as we begin to 'wake up' spiritually, is that we want the work we do in the world to line up with our expanding awareness. So, we can find ourselves spending a lot of time and energy trying to figure out just what it is we should be doing with our life (as if we could be doing something more than what were doing right now). We fret and worry that we are wasting our lives and that, until we find our elusive purpose, our life will have no real meaning, and we will not be happy or content. Imagining that there must be some special purpose with our name on it, we look for some grand way to serve humanity and make a difference. This feeling of wanting to do more than what we are doing can begin to haunt us, leaving us with a feeling that we are never good or successful enough (or that we are wasting our life). We also end up missing the blessings that are unfolding here and now.

But what if the simple secret to being utterly fulfilled in this life isn't about serving others at all, but about simply doing what you truly enjoy? What if we put aside our worries about money and security for a moment, and actually asked ourselves what it is we really enjoy doing, and go from there? What we might find is that joy and peace arise, not so much from our doing but from our Being, as in being Here and Now with life, as it is. When we allow ourselves to simply Be, we might find that the gifts we have to offer begin to flow from us naturally and easily, from the core of our Being.

Perhaps we will come to see that being still and breathing a few minutes a day will contribute more to the feeling of peace and harmony, both in ourselves and in the world, than all of our frantic attempts to do this or that. It may even dawn on us that, living in a state of utter fulfillment is the greatest contribution we can make to others, and to the world. We can serve and live our purpose by living from a space of enjoyment of every moment and experience, radiating love and goodwill wherever we go. All we have to do is stop trying to figure out our purpose, and fully enjoy what we are already doing.

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