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Accepting What Is

We spend a lot of time resisting whatever shows up in our life. This resistance to whatever is happening right now, often results in a lot of suffering and unhappiness. We tell ourselves that the present moment is unsatisfactory and unacceptable, and only when it changes can we be truly happy. And so we search, and plan, and delay our happiness until we get whatever the mind tells us is necessary for a life of true contentment. Unfortunately, except for very brief moments when we get what we want, we find that happiness remains elusive and we are unable to maintain the feeling of happiness that getting what we want offers.

If we are honest, the more we try to get away from the present moment, and the more we resist wherever we find ourselves right now, the more unhappy and stress filled our lives become. Yet the secret for actually being happy and fulfilled lies in the only space where we will ever be alive; the Here and Now. When we grow exhausted from the minds habitual search for happiness elsewhere, anywhere other than here, and simply accept our lives exactly as they are, we immediately feel a letting go of the burdens and challenges that our mind carry's, and we fall into a space of true happiness and peace.

The key is to accept where we are, to embrace it fully, realizing that our attempts to get away from what is actually happening now are not only insane, but futile. After all, can you be anywhere other than where you are right now? When we stop fighting with life, and begin to cooperate with where the flow is taking us, we just may find that life starts to be friendly toward us, and the changes we long for come about in the process of life itself, without any worry or resistance on our part. The only way to know if this is true is to drop your struggle with life, and as Eckhart Tolle recommends in the above quote, 'accept the present mount as if you had chosen it'. Then watch as your whole life 'miraculously transforms'.

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